. GS1 Digital Link
GS1 Digital Link
GS1 Digital Link is the new standard for a digital experience with your product and collecting real-time information.
We make it simple and efficient to establish the link between a product and various web applications. A versatile solution in an era in which consumers shop anytime, anywhere and demand product information and transparency.

Responding to the need of consumers for involvement in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business contributes to a better world, but above all to a better yield.

Get started quickly and easily
With our platform you enrich your products with a digital identity. Get started right away and link all kinds of information. We provide you with the tools you need to share and collect product information.
By applying experience marketing it is possible to turn customers with "only" brand preference into true brand fans. But also to share sustainability insights in the right way, for example.
Luxury Products
With Digital Link technology you give the customer an even better impression of the quality, status, class and authenticity of the product. Important services are at your fingertips.
Consumer Goods
Share relevant data about quality and how the company operates. Enrich your product with a digital experience and share preparation tips, recipes and other practical information.
Use Cases
Customer Experience

Different types of data can be linked unlimitedly to 1 Digital Link code. Also disparate information such as: rewards, origin, care instructions, product registration and sales data. Enrich your product with a digital experience.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Digital Link provides products at different levels with different data: item, package, pallet, container. Unlock new possibilities for track and trace, stakeholder communication and for countering counterfeiting and fraud.

Marketing Intelligence

By placing web-enabled codes on the packaging, that information tracks your product wherever it goes. You control the information. You reclaim some of the user interaction. Well thought out dashboards give you the insights you need.

Access real-time and actionable information through your products. From all over the world.


More granular codes possible on all products, including batch, lot and serial number and many other features.


Dynamically refer to multiple sources depending on time zone, campaign, location and other factors.


Powerful and clear Product Intelligence dashboards give you unprecedented insights about your products.


Maximize the possibilities with our GS1 Digital Link app store with applications for both B2B and B2C.


Send information at a high throughput rate with latency as low as 2 ms.


Start small and scale up to trillions of messages per day and petabytes of data as needed.


Roll out efficiently across availability zones and connect your products from all geographic regions.


Support business-critical use cases. Store data flows securely in a durable and fault-tolerant environment.

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