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News items

Date Title Country Flag Source
Dec 18, 2020 Mass traceability using compressed QR codes CH dentsu TRACKING
Dec 17, 2020 5 predictions driving transformation in the food & beverage industry IN FnBNews.com
Dec 17, 2020 Products library holds promise for building sector productivity NZ ArchitectureNow
Dec 09, 2020 Traceability, authenticity and consumer engagement for fresh produce AU Food & Drink Business
Dec 08, 2020 GS1 Digital Link: de verbinder van uw product tussen internet en fysieke wereld NL FOODPRO
Dec 02, 2020 Niet op reis? Maar u kunt wel een optimale klantreis bieden NL Fashion United
Dec 01, 2020 Food traceability, authenticity and consumer engagement AU Food Processing
Nov 30, 2020 FreshChain leading a pilot traceability project AU Horti Daily
Nov 24, 2020 Goed nieuws: steeds meer producten digitaal geboren met GS1 Digital Link NL Emerce
Nov 23, 2020 Dalla sostenibilità alle informazioni per tutti con il barcode per l’ambiente IT Tendenze Online
Nov 17, 2020 New GS1 Digital Link Guideline Helps Retail Industry Quickly Provide Product Data to Consumers US Packaging Strategies
Nov 07, 2020 Why QR Code Scanning Will Be At The Forefront Of Retail Success This Holiday US Forbes
Nov 07, 2020 Why QR Code Scanning Will Be At The Forefront Of Retail Success This Holiday US Internewscast
Nov 04, 2020 GS1 US promeut Digital Link FR Emballages Magazine
Oct 30, 2020 Streamlining On-Pack Barcodes for Limitless Consumer Engagement Opportunities US BXP Magazine
Oct 28, 2020 New GS1 Digital Link Guideline Helps Retail Industry Provide Unlimited, Instantly Updated Product Data to Consumers With a Single Barcode Scan US MarTechSeries
Oct 26, 2020 Digital Link dans les rayons de Monoprix FR Emballages Magazine
Oct 20, 2020 G-Star combines online and in-store shopping experience GB MobileMarketing
Oct 16, 2020 G-Star RAW stores - instant app experiences without the download NL G-Star
Oct 08, 2020 Technical interoperability – connect once, communicate with many GB The Load Star
Aug 26, 2020 GS1 Digital Link: A Gateway Towards Trillions of Digital Twins SI OriginTrail
Aug 20, 2020 Retail: Overbrug de fysieke en digitale wereld NL Marketing Tribune
Jul 06, 2020 GS1 Digital Link brings scanning into the 21st century GB Phil Archer
Apr 23, 2020 Redefine the customer experience: The GS1 Digital Link and its possibilities LU YoY
Apr 17, 2020 GS1 Digital Link IT Tendenze Online

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