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With digital link you can seamlessly connect the physical and digital customer journey.
What is that customer looking for and at what time? How do you make sure he finds that information? With the GS1 Digital Link standard, the unique and well-known GS1 codes can become web links. You can easily make information about your clothing available online.

The journey of sustainable jeans (or fill in your own range here) The journey of jeans starts on a cotton plantation. Along the way, he passes various links in the chain where he "collects" information, about the materials used, or about production and use. You can use GS1 Digital Link for this to provide insight into that process via the unique number from the barcode of the jeans. You can even give information about each individual pair of jeans if you add a serial number to the barcode number.

Each pair of jeans has now been given its own identity by the "serialized" barcode. If you link supply chain information about the jeans to the barcode via GS1 Digital Link, you - whether you are a brand supplier or retailer - can show what you are doing to give your jeans the most "sustainable" life possible. How? With the standard it is possible to easily deep link to product information from another source (e.g. the manufacturer), because you both identify the jeans in the web address in the same way.

Your customer who scans the QR code (containing the GS1 Digital Link) of the jeans connects to the relevant information. For example, you can help your customer to recycle their jeans by letting them know where they can return their jeans. Because the jeans were so comfortable, he immediately buys a new one from you.

The Customer Journey

The customer journey goes beyond the purchase. For example if your customer wants to give a good review. Of course it must be accompanied by the correct product. With GS1 Digital Link you work with your partners (customers, influencers, second-hand sellers, recyclers, retailers) with the same unique barcode number. The chance of wrong (online) links is then smaller, because with GS1 Digital Link you speak the same language. The number from the barcode thus also becomes the reliable passport for your product online.

The consumer scans a QR code with the GS1 Digital Link web address to get to the product information of the manufacturer. If the same consumer uses a retailer app to scan the same code, he will see information from the retailer. If he then scans the QR code in a sustainability app, he sees that his clothing is made fair and sustainable.

Information on the internet

Clothing items therefore all have a unique online identity, because GS1 Digital Link cleverly links users to information from various sources on the internet. With just one code, you can create a dynamic consumer experience online and offline: for offers, style advice, videos, loyalty programs, ordering products, forwarding to related products, collecting loyalty points or sharing products with friends on social media.

In short: With GS1 Digital Link you can also use your GS1 code online.

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